We offer all types of painting miniatures battle game, WARHAMMER, WARHAMMER 40K ending on WARMACHINE and other such systems. We double studio, which is divided into a passion for battle games for many years.
email: studio@minipaintlab.com
We offer both services in the field of painting individual models and the whole army.
The price depends on the type of figures and begins:
Model: lvl 1 lvl 2
Infrary / Troops €5 €7
Monstrous Infrary / Heavy Troops €6 €10
Cavalry / Warbike €6 €10
Small Monsters / Vehicles €25 €34
Large Monsters / Vehicles €39 €49
Single Character Model on Foot €16 €20
Single Character Mounted €22 €28
Shipping cost (less than 1kg)
Poland €4
Europe without Russia and Turkey €15
Russia and Turkey €20
United States and Canada €25
Rest of the World €30